Door County Trivia for Fun

Door County Trivia #1: What does the phrase “Porte des Morts Passage” mean. Answer: Early French explorers to Door County were inexperienced regarding the dangerous currents between Green Bay (the body of water, not the city) and Lake Michigan. These currents were especially unpredictable and strong in the relatively narrow strait between the Door County […]

General Door County Information

This is a Good General Resource for Door County Information: is one of our sister sites that offers a good jumping off point to investigate lodging, restaurants, galleries, activities, etc. This website provides in-person reviews done by the’s professional staff. Inns, B&Bs, resorts, campgrounds, restaurants, activities, real estate, shop and more are personally […]

Medical Assistance

Nurse Direct & Hospital Info: If you have an emergency call 911. If it’s a non-emergency then call Nurse Direct first. Even if you have a simple question about what to do if you get bit by a mosquito (God forbid). Seriously, though, because the closest emergency room is at Door County Memorial Hospital in […]

Firewood Information

Please Do Not Bring Firewood !!!!!!!!! Please help stop the Emerald Ash Borer! Many ash trees have died in Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana already. There are ample places to buy firewood at or near your campground. Besides, bringing your own firewood is bulky and dirty. Buying firewood at your campground is a small price to […]